Stationary Batteries



OPzS construction

Positive Plates:

Prestolite OPzS cell are manufactured with tubular positive plates. The tubularplate design is known for its high reliability and ling service life in float charging operation.The plate composition of a special low-Antimony (<2%Sb) containing seleniumresults in a long service life, low maintenance need and high cell reliability.Negative Plates: are grid casted with 5% antimonial lead alloy.


The separators are manufactured from microporous PVC-Silica, material of highporosity, low electrical resistance and high acid resistance. The separators are permeableand allow the migration of ions during the charging and discharging process ofthe battery but at the same time allow acid to surround plates and it avoid any shortcircuit.


Battery cells are connected with plastic coated copper cables for higher electricalconductivity and minor voltage drop.

Cell Plug:

The cell plug made of ceramic material is a flame arrestor and improves the performance and safety of the cell, preventing leakage of acid vapors, but allowing hydrogenand oxygen going through.

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